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I am a Chicago illustrator who works in pen, watercolor, and a format of a digital hybrid.. and most of my work consists of advertising, storyboards, and Children's illustrations.  My work is light-hearted and fun... please contact me for work opportunities or just comments!
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tracks and Cave family Sketches

This is my next (and last project for school!) It's about child development and behavior problems with a historical aspect.  I plan on spraying a workable fixative over it and then a wash, and finished with digital color.  I'm still experimenting with this new process 

These are for my digital illustration class and would go with the book Tracks by Louise Erdrich.  It's supposed to be Fleur... shes evil and scary.  I still have alot to fix on it.. the first image is alot looser but messy, and the second one is clean but too dry.. i have to make things more elongated and deep.  I used tracing paper to trace the sketch... everything moved at one point and it ended up being chaos.  Light tables are so much better... the problem is, I don't own one.

Finals to come soon!

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