Monday, October 4, 2010

Internet FInally!!!!

So my family finally got internet.. it's really a blessing. I'm able to check any art websites I have.. which most of them I may be discontinuing.  Theres really no point to using them if no one really looks at them. Right now I'm just trying to find an artistic style that suits me. I know that's supposed to come naturally, but everything I've done in school doesn't seem like me or I just don't like the finished product.  I have no time to do artwork outside of class due to the hectic homework load and my work schedule.  I can't wait till I have time to do my own thing (as if that's going to happen).  But yeah, so basically I'm not happy with my art and I want to change that. Any suggestions? Anyone who cares to read this want to tell me whats my style?

Anyways.. here's a portrait I did in my Digital Graphics class made out of only letters in the Illustrator program. It was pretty easy.. I like easy work ....