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I am a Chicago illustrator who works in pen, watercolor, and a format of a digital hybrid.. and most of my work consists of advertising, storyboards, and Children's illustrations.  My work is light-hearted and fun... please contact me for work opportunities or just comments!
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Love Is Forever
This piece was created for family as a Christmas gift since my  hours have been drastically cut at work and I have not been making as much money.  Unfortunately.. I had to help out around the house and still work to pay tuition, so I didn't get time to finish it before Christmas.  It's been a difficult year financially for my family.. but we're together and we're ok, and thats what matter.  Thats what i wanted to show in this piece.  Everyone is talking about how bad the economy is and that money is tight.. but there are other important things in life.  Money shouldn't be everything.

Anyways, Happy Holidays and I hope things get better for the world.  

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Anonymous said...

You have a heart of gold. This picture says it all!