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I am a Chicago illustrator who works in pen, watercolor, and a format of a digital hybrid.. and most of my work consists of advertising, storyboards, and Children's illustrations.  My work is light-hearted and fun... please contact me for work opportunities or just comments!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heart Chicago Motel

My most recent watercolor project was to paint a sign, and I chose the Heart Chicago Motel sign which I thought was near my house, but I was wrong. It's a nice sign, but the motel looks sleazy.  Anyways.. can't write much because I barely get any time to do anything online.  I have no internet at home (insanely slow dial-up isn't real internet) and that severely what I can do online... not to mention networking.  Anyways... I want to start commissions soon to get some money for school.  More information later....

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Anonymous said...

man, i know exactly where this is. I used to live really close to it. Thanks for reminding me of home!